Gyanmanthan understands that nobody knows their school better than you do! So we take the time to listen first and then present options for custom solutions to meet your specific needs. Our core team of consultants and our board of expert advisors have years of experience and have earned exceptional reputations in their areas of expertise.

Based on our expansive experience as educationists and our long established background and expertise in education, training, strategic management and school development, we offer complete end-to-end school management and improvement solutions where we manage your school for you under terms that suit your particular needs and circumstances. School management is a unique service which enables investors to focus on non-educational aspects of the school. We manage the whole school including teaching and administration duties, curriculum development, accreditation, staff development and other forms of day to day running of your school for you.

Our educational consulting services include:

Feasibility studies (for new schools or transforming existing schools)
Business, financial and development plans
Project management including:
Curriculum development
Staffing and recruitment of heads
Teacher training and development
Organization and reporting structures
Infrastructure and resources
I.T. infrastructure
Marketing and promotions
Admissions and enrolments
​School Operation and Management


Gyanmanthan understands the fundamentals needed to develop a successful school from the ground up, and can provide customized ‘turn-key’ services for primary, secondary and high school formation. 

A market feasibility study and business plan is a critical starting point and foundation for the development of any school. Our market feasibility study and business planning approach quantifies start-up capital requirements and operational budget, break-even point, IRR, the feasibility of the school model in your market, enrolment projections, facility/site requirements, educational philosophy, human resource and infrastructure requirements.

G.M.E.S formalizes your educational, operational, and business model, and quantify enrolment projections, capital needed to open the school, and your five year budget to determine when you break-even, and your internal rates of return and pay-down to investors.The rationale behind the market feasibility study and business plan is to consolidate the scope of your school formation project through an extensive onsite business case analysis to identify key elements and costs associated with developing your school and tasks associated with start-up. Upon conclusion of this process, we can better determine what you need to do next and the project’s feasibility. Our four-step development model follows these stages:
1.    Market Study and Business Plan
2.    School Development Plan
3.    Implementation of School Formation Plan
4.    Operation, Management, & Ongoing Support


Best practice schools are only achieved through the creation of a strategic vision supported by a carefully structured action plan. This is achieved through a thorough audit of curriculum delivery, school environment and parental involvement. Gyanmanthan works in partnership with existing school leaders to review and implement new strategies for:    

  • Annual review processes    
  • Governance   
  • Preparation and support for accreditation process    
  • Leadership appraisals and evaluation   
  • Community building
  • Curriculum development

G.M.E.S then develops a 3-5 year plan establishing the following:

Goal statement, performance targets, areas of focus, implementation strategies, success indicators, time lines, responsibilities, checkpoints for improvement updates and course corrections.

​Our advisory committee of education consultants also enables us to develop a contemporary and custom made curriculum for an educational institution. Curriculum development requests can be both long or short term ones and we have experience in developing both. We deal with schools, colleges and ministries of education in the region who are also keen to develop their curriculums.


In a world that is rapidly changing, education, leadership, training and development services must enable educators to teach and prepare their students to meet the challenges of a future world not yet created. By researching best practice teaching methods, training strategies and providing cutting edge advice and support G.M.E.S. accelerates the potential of schools and their leaders to achieve the highest global standards.G.M.E.S. believes strongly in creating solutions that change outcomes and accelerate improvement. By tailoring a comprehensive (parent-teacher-student-community) plan, Gyanmanthan ensures that it’s vision and educational philosophy is embedded widely in a sustainable model for change.

G.M.E.S. provides best practice training and support for schools in a range of specialist areas. Our consultants have expertise in designing and delivering learning-focused curricula. Our expertise includes primary years, elementary and secondary years and also major curriculums in the senior secondary years.

In addition, our select advisory committee has a wealth of first hand experience in all facets of education and training and we offer teacher training and development in: Critical thinking, leadership workshops, effective curriculum design, student engagement and innovative teaching strategies.

G.M.E.S. delivers international leadership and management programs to ensure the training and development for teachers and school leaders puts learning at the very heart of everything they do.

We design custom leadership workshops and management programs for: Executive leadership, Senior and middle management, Aspiring leaders, Operational management, Teacher/Facilitator training & Personal mentoring and coaching.


The school principal needs to be a proven leader and the main driving force of a school.

The right principal/leader makes a world of difference to the quality of each school and its educational reputation. Team G.M.E.S. understands each schools particular leadership requirements requirement and specialises  in sourcing the right leader for the right job. Your leadership search ends at Gyanmanthan.

If you are a School principal or an experienced teacher looking for a new opportunity, send us your resume by uploading it using the contact form on the Contact Us page of our website.


Procurement is a specialised function involving careful planning, specification development, vendor research and selection, value analysis, price negotiations, supply contract formation, lead time management and knowledge of other relevant rules and legalities. Inefficient management can eat into time, effort and resources required for the primary task of education. G.M.E.S. can optimise all your procurement tasks and provide you the most efficient and cost effective solutions.


Our consultants have significant experience in sourcing supplies for the school supply chain and we guarantee that you will always get quality, reliability and a fair price.


"It takes a village to raise a child." Gyanmanthan connects parents and teachers through innovative programs involving:

Parent counselling, volunteering, home education and community collaboration initiatives.


   R E N A I S S A N C E  I N  E D U C A T I O N